ENVOL comes from a French word, which means “to take off !” And that’s just what it will help you do. Take off to a new country, a new experience and maybe a new life! ENVOL gives you the chance to enjoy between three and nine months volunteering work in another country.Partners in the ENVOL network come from: UK, Ireland, Italy, France, Germany, Denmark, Norway and Spain.Each country has partner projects, which offer young people the opportunity to volunteer in another country. These projects offer a range of volunteering activities, including: environmental projects, such as working on a farm, cultural projects, such as music and cinema or working with young people, the disabled & people with special needs.

ENVOL is a partnership project, which allows us to offer additional support to young people who need it. This support will include a period of preparation, where you will work through what your interests are and in which country you may wish to volunteer. It may include practical support, such as getting a passport or visa if you need one. It could be social support, in preparation for, or whilst on the project and also includes educational support, to access language lessons.

The programme is similar to EVS. You will be able to access our preparation training meetings. You will be provided with support on the project and when you return. See also EVS short-term and EVS long-term.

The difference between EVS and ENVOL is, because it’s a partnership (and not a programme which young people can access via the internet) it means that Everything’s Possible know all the partner projects. We will therefore be able to tell you much more information, about the project, which you choose. We may well have visited it personally and, may have photos, leaflets and brochures.

It is sometimes possible to arrange a preparation visit to the project, which you choose. This will involve you travelling to the project, which you have chosen with a member of the Everything’s Possible team. You will spend three days at the project and will have the opportunity to see the hosting placement and activities which you will be working on, see your living situation (you may even sleep there when you are visiting), experience the culture, climate & food, hear a little of the language and maybe even try to speak it.

ENVOL is a centralised European programme (which just means that we receive our funding directly from the European Commission, and is not funded via the UK National Agency).

If you think you are interested in being an ENVOL volunteer, either download an application form and send it to us or just call us. In our partners section you will find further information about ENVOL and our partners in the ENVOL network.